Ecological Forum

Many people talk about environmental problems. But the participants of the environmental forum understand that it is not enough to speak. It’s time to act. One of the speakers of the forum was Associate Professor of the Department of Environmental Chemistry and Chemical Education, Ph.D. Mіdak Lilia. Participants of the Ecological Forum also became – associate professor of chemical sciences. – Lutsas AV, Ph.D.-M.Sc.-Kuzizhin OV, Ph.D.-M.Sc.Bazyuk L.V., Head of Lab. About the culture of garbage sorting: from Europe to Ukraine, Lilia Ya.

The purpose of the Forum was to attract public attention to solving environmental problems; unite like-minded people for common action; exchange of experience in solving environmental problems; to introduce a positive experience in the sorting of garbage in educational establishments (preschools and secondary schools); to establish cooperation between consumers and the providers of garbage sorting and removal services.