Associate Professor Anna Lucas participated in the Teaching Update: Contemporary Teacher Studio training.

The training was held about 19 hours ago, combining useful training with a pleasant vacation: 30 training hours, a guided tour. It lasted from 23 to 26 January 2020 in Truskavets, Lviv region.

Within the intensity, the tools, adapted to the teacher’s work and tested in practice, are offered, namely:

Analysis of the roles of the modern teacher.
Facilitation teaching techniques and techniques: small group work techniques, ideas production techniques, decision making techniques. Methods: “World Cafe”, “Samoan Circle”, “Aquarium”, “ORID”; techniques: “Facts-thoughts”, “Who? What? Where? When? How? ”And others.
Features of coaching in the educational process. The GROW model.
Feedback features. Practicing AID, SLC, BOFF feedback coaching models.
Concepts and types of training.
Training structure: acquaintance; formulating rules and removing expectations; components of training: theoretical blocks, exercises, role and business games, energizers, facilitation techniques, cases.
Design of training session. Model of skills formation. The Flask Cycle.
Developing a training session for your own discipline. Working with methods and techniques cards.