PNU is a leader in the region, TOP-10 among classical universities and in the top twenty universities of Ukraine!

Precarpathian National University is in the TOP-20 best universities in Ukraine! TOP-10 best classical universities in Ukraine! TOP-10 best institutions of higher education in the western region of Ukraine and is the FIRST in the ranking of institutions of higher education in Ivano-Frankivsk region! Our university has not only for many years in a row held the championship among the free economic zones of the region, but also improves its position in the overall rankings.

Note that the Consolidated ranking of universities in 2021 covers the results of 242 institutions of higher education, and also contains 10 thematic sub-ratings: “Best Classical Universities of Ukraine”, “Best Technical”, “Best Agricultural”, “Best Private Universities”, “Best Kyiv Universities” “,” The best universities of the regions of Ukraine “,” The best pedagogical universities “,” The best medical universities of Ukraine “,” The best art universities “, as well as” The best institutions of higher education in the regions “.

As last year, well-known ratings of the country’s universities were used to compile the Consolidated Rating of Universities: “Top-200 Ukraine”, “Scopus” and “External Evaluation Ball for Contract”, each of which uses important evaluation criteria.

In particular, the rating “Top-200 Ukraine”, compiled by the Center for International Projects “Euroeducation”, used open data of direct measurements, displayed on open web resources of independent national and international organizations and institutions. This year, during the formation of the ranking table, the development trends of Ukrainian and world education were taken into account, which underwent changes, including due to the impact of the pandemic.

The results of the Scopus Rating are based on the indicators of the Scopus database, which is a tool for tracking the citation of scientific articles published by an educational institution or its pedagogical staff in scientific journals.

The rating “External Evaluation Score on a Contract” contains information on the indicators of the average EIT Score of entrants who in 2020 are enrolled in universities for contract education.

This rating actually determines the leaders among educational institutions in which entrants have expressed a desire to obtain higher education at their own expense.

Based on this, the Consolidated Rating summarizes the overall ranking of educational institutions according to the version “Top-200 Ukraine”, “Scopus” and “External Evaluation Ball for a contract”.


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