Graduates of the Department of Environmental Chemistry and Chemical Education became the winners of the competition “The best gender-sensitive STEM-lesson” 2021

December 17, 2021 finalists of the All-Ukrainian competition for the teaching community “The best gender-sensitive STEM lesson” 2021! presented their works and compete for the victory in the Competition! The entire STEM subject teaching community will join the final conference to find out which STEM lessons have been recognized as the best and get new ideas for their lessons.

According to the expert jury, the winners of the Best Gender Sensitive STEM Lesson 2021 were graduates of the Department of Environmental Chemistry and Chemical Education of the Faculty of Natural Sciences – Yuri Pakhomov – teacher of chemistry, Buzhdygan Khrystyna – teacher of chemistry and basics of health, Berezhnytska Ivanna – teacher of Biology and their joint case lesson “Water”

Organizers of the Competition: NGO Center for Corporate Social Responsibility (STEM Girls Initiative) and UNFPA, UN Population Fund within the framework of the Springboard for Equality project with the support of Sweden and with the assistance of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration .
Partner: DNU “Institute for Modernization of Educational Content”